IMAT CDT Management Team

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Simon Aldridge

Simon has been an independent academic for 20 years. During that time he has published >190 papers/patents, supervised 30 doctoral students and 28 post-doctoral research associates (PDRAs) and been awarded a number of prizes for synthetic inorganic chemistry (RSC Frankland Award 2018, RSC Main Group Chemistry Award 2010, Dalton Transactions European Lecturer 2009). He has held visiting professorships at Monash and HKBU. His research interests are in the synthesis and applications of main group and organometallic compounds. He is a tutorial fellow at the Queen's College.

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Associate Director
Course content and delivery

Simon Clarke

Simon has been an independent academic since 1998. He has published ca. 100 papers/patents, has supervised more than 15 doctoral students and 12 PDRAs. His research focuses on the discovery, structures and properties of new solids, and his group has led the UK chemistry effort in discovering iron-based superconductors in close collaboration with colleagues in Oxford Physics (including jointly supervised PG students). SC was awarded the RSC Gibson-Fawcett Award in 2010 for contributions to the chemistry of non- oxide and mixed-anion solids. He is a tutorial fellow at Exeter College.

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Associate Director
Recruitment, outreach and inter-department liaison

Nicole Grobert

Nicole is a Professor of Nanomaterials, a Royal Society Industry Fellow at Williams Advanced Engineering, a Fellow of Corpus Christi College, and a visiting professor at the Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre at Toyo University, Japan. Her research focuses on the synthesis, processing, and characterisation of novel carbon and non-carbon based nanomaterials, including nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanorods, graphene and other 2D nanomaterials. Nicole Grobert is a vocal defender of best practices and efficient leadership, experience obtained over almost 20 years as a frontline researcher and representative of young researchers in Europe, having previously been the Chair of the Young Academy of Europe and a founder member.

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Associate Director
EDI and student experience

Kylie Vincent

Kylie is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, and Fellow of Jesus College Oxford. Her research includes the application of spectroscopic and electrochemical methods for mechanistic studies of small-molecule activation in biology, and applications of enzyme catalysis in chemical synthesis. She is a graduate of the University of Melbourne, Australia (BA/ BSc(Hons), Ph.D.) and has worked in Oxford since 2002 when she joined Fraser Armstrong’s group as a postdoctoral researcher and held an RJP Williams Junior Research Fellowship at Wadham College. In 2007 she took up a Royal Society University Research Fellowship and was appointed Associate Professor in 2013 and Professor in 2017.

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Associate Director
Partner and industry liaison

Charlotte Williams

Charlotte began her independent academic career in 2004 at Imperial College London and in 2016 she moved to Oxford University. During this time she has published >130 papers and is an inventor on >30 patents. She has supervised >25 DPhil students and 40 postdoctoral researchers. Her work has been recognised by prizes including the Macro Group UK Medal for Polymer Science (2019), the Otto Roelen Medal of Dechema and the German Catalysis Society (2018), the Sir John Meurig Thomas Medal for Catalysis (2017), the RSC Corday Morgan Medal (2016) and the Women in Science and Technology Tech Start-Up Award (2015). She investigates catalysts that transform renewable resources into polymers and dense energy carriers. She applies inorganic chemistry to activate carbon dioxide, to control polymerization processes and to make nanoparticles.

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Programme Manager

Maitane Fernández

Maitane obtained her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of the Basque Country, Spain. She then moved to LMU-Munich first and Oxford Chemistry next, where she held postdoctoral research positions exploring several organometallic techniques and metal catalysed reactions. In 2017, Maitane moved into research administration and has since worked as a programme manager for the Synthesis for Biology and Medicine CDT (SBM), the Oxford Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing (OxICFM) and now Inorganic Materials for Advanced Manufacturing (IMAT) CDTs.